Monday, April 20, 2009

Domaine de Canton

Ever taste something and wonder how you never craved it before?

This is what happens when you taste the gingery sweet Domaine de Canton. Holy cow. The first time we had it, it was straight, as an digestif. Hells yes!

Then, we had to go buy a bottle. The guy in the store said they had a tasting of it a few days prior, and the woman poured it with sparkling lemon water. We did not have this at home, though we did have club soda and lemons. You can imagine what followed. If you try this, note that you must just 2 shots of the liqueur to make your drink. It needs a lot of the Canton to really shine. Otherwise, the soda overtakes it and you have a watery version of a delicious cocktail.

A brilliant idea occurred to me as I sipped my cocktail: what if I add my other favorite liquor, bourbon? Despite the look on Misty's face (and, no doubt, on some of yours right now), I moved forward with the work of discovery. "Your work is to discover your work and then with all your heart to give yourself to it. - Buddha" "Every man takes the limits of his field of vision for the limits of the world. - Arthur Schopenhauer "

Ok, whatever, I went about 2:1, Canton to Bourbon, and it was unbelievable. This drink, properly shaken and poured into a martini glass (or a plastic cup, whatever you prefer), will make your life better. Get to work...


Yo one, yo all:

This past Saturday night followed a gloriously sunny and temperate day, which meant meant had to find its way onto my grill. Local grocery store X (aka Harris Teeter) provided the meats: 1 rack of beef back ribs (not baby backs, regular backs), some italian sausages, and some chicken thighs.

I took my beef ribs, which I had to cut in half because there was no container I have that would contain them for the dry rub process I was about to have them undergo. That process was short and sweet, as follows: (1) add lime juice; (2) add tons of BBQ 3000 spice; (3) let sit in Ziploc bag for 1 day. (Did you hear that, yea, that's right, I said Ziploc. Not zip-top, zipper bag, or any other lame, generic, and non-brand specific names that they have to use on Emeril and Rachel Ray. )

The chicken met with some Northwoods Fire rub, and the sausages stayed naked.

After seeing ribs several times at the store, I decided it was my prerogative, even my responsibility, as a good Texan to know how to make ribs right. So, I started these bad boys off in some foil packets so as to keep in their juices while they cooked in my low temperature oven. I let them sit for about 2 hours in the 220 degree oven, and pulled them out about half an hour before I was ready to let them hit the grill.

Keeping them in their foil packets, I added a little worcestershire sauce to one half of my rack. I honestly am not sure if it added much, but that one was looking a tad dry and I felt the need to add moisture other than either water or bottled barbecue sauce.

I let the ribs grill over indirect heat (push 1/2 your briquets to one side and the other 1/2 to the other) for a good 30 minutes as we had a beer to start things off. The rules say, if you are grilling you must have a beer. I know because I have read them. On this particular night, it was a Newcastle, which goes surprisingly nice with 60 degrees, no mosquitos, and a quiet night.

The chicken thighs, as I am sure I have mentioned before, got their fill of sitting right on top of the fire, as did the sausage. I pulled the sausage off after about 15 minutes, as it was starting to get a tad too dried out. For the chicken, I know that the thigh will take a lot of heat before it gets dried out, so I let it go for about 18-20 minutes. This made for delicious chicken. Also, I keep the lid on my grill for most of the time I am cooking. I will pull it off to check things and turn my meats every 10 minutes or so, especially with the chicken/sausage combo working up. This also allows oxygen into the fire, which brings back the flame to where it should be.

All said, this grilling experience was a winner.

Oh, yes, there were 2 salads, of Misty creation: 1--potato salad (quartered small red potatoes, coated in olive oil, salt, and pepper, and oven-roasted til brown and crispy in a 350 degree oven; let cool; add the dressing [olive oil, grey poupon, rice wine vinegar, chopped green onion, paprika]); and 2--greek salad (diced cucumber, onion, red pepper, tomato, feta, olive oil -- done!)

This dinner rocked your world!