Saturday, September 26, 2009

Stone's Ginger Wine

Not too terribly long ago we posted about Domaine de Canton, a delicious ginger-infused brandy. Do not get me wrong, Canton is awesome. Tonight, however, on a rain-soaked walk to the local liquor store in search of said Canton, Misty and I found ourselves in Sportsman's Liquor, where Canton was nowhere in sight. The proprietor, though, suggested we try a ginger wine he had. Stone's it was, and Stone's it will be!

At only $12.99, this boldly flavored drink is less than half the price of trendy Canton, and while it is only 13.25% alcohol to Canton's 28% or so, it is an excellent substitute for the trendy Canton.

And for your continued attention to this post, you now get a drink recipe we discovered at a local joint, PS7s. They call it the Cure and charge you $5 (cheap, no doubt). Put ice cubes in a glass. Add about 2-3 shots' worth of either Stone's or Canton. Now pay attention: add half a Miller Light. Yes, a Miller Light. Finish it off with a touch ginger syrup and stir it up (to make the ginger syrup, add 1 cup sugar, 1 cup water, and some roughly cut up fresh ginger - simmer until it boils to get the maximum ginger flavor - keep it in the fridge after that - duh).