Monday, October 12, 2009

Ginger-Habanero Syrup

I know, I know, why the hell am I posting again about a syrup. Well, to execute this one properly requires a little technique. Not a lot (or alot, as your 7th grade sweetheart might have written), mind you, but some.

The syrup starts the same as others: 1 part water, 1 part sugar. Add a few slices of ginger. Add 2 whole, rinsed habaneros for hot, 3 if you are crazy and you are making your first batch and don't know how hot you want it so you just add three because "why not?"

Set your heat to simmer - that's right, I said "simmer." And, if you didn't catch it, do not cut the peppers! Let this little pot cook for about 30-45 minutes at least, though 1 hour is probably optimal.

Your required technique usage: once the chosen allotment of time is up and your heat is off, you must squeeze the habaneros. A wooden spoon works well as you can squish your pepper underwater, as it were. We learned this the hard way when a habanero exploded on the wall and splashback portion of the cooktop. But is it even a splashback if it isn't behind a sink? That must be a question for another day. In any event, you squoze out your habaneros into the syrup, let cool, and go.

While we are only in the infancy of dealing with this syrup, one thing is clear: it is hot as hell. Recipe one for the syrup is an easy one: vodka, soda, a teaspoon of syrup. It will burn favorably in your body and you will indeed be happier for it.

Stay posted for additional uses of the ginger-habanero syrup!